Have you fished for salmon shark from a kayak?

Here is more info about this sport;


I live in Alaska but know little about this form of fishing, any information on the great.
How fast do I troll for them, what size hooks in the salmon bait do I use? Etc etc?
I have just got to try this!
Sorry for the typo; I meant any information would be great.

3 thoughts on “Have you fished for salmon shark from a kayak?

  1. JUSTFISH Post author

    go to
    search “salmon sharks from the yak”
    there was a post a couple of months ago about some dudes catching salmon sharks from kayaks, they were in the three hundred pound class i believe,, you could probably get some info from them first hand,,
    it was pretty ballsy

  2. steve s Post author

    Even though I’m not fishing for Salmon shark, I catch my share of em fishing for halibut. During last weeks chartered trips we landed three of them. The biggest one was close to 200lbs. We caught several Thresher shark as well with one reaching 400lb.. Salmon bellies is one of my favorite baits to use for big halibut, unfortunately the sharks seem to fancy it as well. I usually hook these guys while jigging my bait near the bottom in depths from 75ft to 350ft. Just keep your bait as near the bottom as you can. Herring should be pretty easy to get your hands on for bait as well. The downrigger on my boat makes this task easy. Feel free to email me for more info if I can be of help. 40yr exp. Pacific Northwest guide

  3. chimp dancer Post author

    I had to reply when I saw the pics in the link.

    ” That is the craziest thing I have seen in like 2 weeks.”
    with that said, good luck getting info for that type fishing. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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