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Best type of small boat for fishing a river?

Hey Everyone,
I’m in the military stationed in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and have been doing a lot of pier fishing lately in the James River, but now I’d like to get out on a small boat of my own, but I’m not sure what the best time of small boat would be. A friend told me a jon boat would be a good choice. I looked up more information and liked the idea, except I don’t own a truck or something to put it on, and I’m not sure how well putting a jon boat on top of an Infiniti G35 would work. Would something inflatable be a good idea? I’m flexible on price, would preferably like to stand at times, and would like some sort of portability or something I can easily put on top of a car or something. Not interested in fishing kayaks. Any ideas or suggestions would be great, thanks!


Should i buy a kayak?

I was wanting a boat for fishing, and i don’t want to go for a jonboat since i don’t have a truck at the moment but i got a SUV. So i’ll be able to buy a kayak, but what should i consider when buying one and has anyone fished with a kayak, oh and im fishing in a river and maybe i’ll take it to a few lakes. but mostly river

Have you fished for salmon shark from a kayak?

Here is more info about this sport;


I live in Alaska but know little about this form of fishing, any information on the great.
How fast do I troll for them, what size hooks in the salmon bait do I use? Etc etc?
I have just got to try this!
Sorry for the typo; I meant any information would be great.