Inflatable boat/kayak for fishing question?

Ill be using this boat/kayak for fishing and i was wondering if i had to take a test for boating in order to actually use it without breaking laws. If i didnt what if i added a little trolling motor? And also what bodies of water can i use it in? I live in New jersey

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  1. paradox_4 Post author

    The coast guard usually puts on a safe boating course that is very inexpensive. In Canada I believe we now need to have a boating course unless you are running an outboard under 9.9HP. For the different US states there is an interesting site here that should help 🙂

    Enjoy your time on the water:)

  2. Captain Bill Post author

    Anyone operating a motorized vessel is required to have a New Jersey Boating Safety Certificate by June 1, 2009, regardless of age.
    A boat safety certificate is not required for non-powered vessels.
    So if you add the trolling motor you have to have the certificate.

    New Jersey also has a Boat License requirement for non-tidal waters in addition to the Boating Safety Certificate for powered vessels, other exemptions are Persons operating vessels less than 1 HP, vessels powered by 12 volt electric trolling motors or vessels 12′ or longer with less than 10 total HP are exempt from the license requirement.

    You may want to complete a safety course for your education and safety.

    Good Luck – Boat Safe!

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