Inflatable kayak for inshore sea fishing?

I’ve experimented with a Sevylor Tahiti, and have concluded that despite the initial worries about punctures, inflatable kayaks are practical fishing boats.

I’m now looking to spend a bit more money and get something a bit more hardcore. I’m looking for something that is good and rigid and that tracks well but can handle a light swell.

I’ve considered the Sevylor SVX200DS or maybe a Sea Eagle Paddleski.

Anybody any thoughts on other makes of inflatable kayak that would be good for fishing in estuaries or coastal inshore seas.

2 thoughts on “Inflatable kayak for inshore sea fishing?

  1. panjshir L Post author

    Inflatable boats have a deservedly sketchy rep. That’s because most inflatables actually float on top of the water, rather than cut through it, something most hard-body kayaks do effectively. I would really consider a hard shell if possible such as the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160i or with the Ocean Kayak Prowler 15.

    In other words, I think that inflatable and hardcore are mutually exclusive. Despite that, newer kayaks such as the AdvancedFrame (by Advanced elements) is designed to mimic the characteristics of classic boats. Also I’ve heard that Advanced frame is one of the best. Though the SVX200DS is considered very good, though I know very little about the Sea Eagle brand.

    I would look at the reviews at : . I would also look at this site:

    Major Kayaks by Manufacturer:

    * Advanced Elements, Inc.
    * Airis Kayaks by Walker Bay
    * BIC Sport North America
    * Hobie Kayaks
    * Innova Recreational Products
    * NRS, Inc.
    * Sea Eagle

    PS> Another thing to consider is the purpose, fishing says a lot but will you be traveling long distances or relatively short ones (long hard shell are the most efficient). Plus most inflatables are best in flat water.

  2. seattlesailor2000 Post author

    since you are looking at inflatable kayaks, do you have a storage or transportation concern?

    another suggestion is to look at folding kayaks,. take a look at the Folbot kayaks, they fold into a couple of manageable bags, take about 20 minutes to assemble, and once assembled become a relatively stable fishing boat. these are large volume kayaks.

    you can find more info about them at

    used one can be found on craig’s list and Ebay.

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