is kayak fishing any fun???

how is kayak fishing fun i want to buy something for fishing i bank fish for trout bass and catfish sometimes stripers and carp is kayak fishing a lot better than bank fishing explain why i fish in a lake where there is bass trout and catfish i only caught catfish and trout there but the bass are somewhere where i cant throw my lure what should i do just buy a kayak or buy stuff for bank fishing leave a link on which kayak,lure bankfishing bait,or whatever just leave a link i usually have no luck catching trout i went to this lake about 30 times and only caught one trout there so i want to try something different?

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  1. seattlesailor2000 Post author

    why don’t you just use your 12′ boat and trolling motor??????????? here is what you told in a prev. question “i just bought a 12 ft jon boat with a small trolling motor on it to go fishing”;_ylt=AuJ1c48_dKyLgGJdHRNrG_vty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100810122431AARXp3E

    while your questions seem real, you continue to ask the same type of question over and over again regarding small boat fishing and fishing out of a kayak. it is against yahoo community policy to ask duplicate questions, it’s considered cheating to get points.

    Hobie makes several great fisherman kayaks with the peddle drive you desire, but these are not cheap kayaks, they can cost well over $2,000.

    there are some great answers to your many questions, please read them again. if you continue to ask the same questions, you will be reported.

    hope this helps

  2. Asa Dawson Post author

    Ok I have been fishing all my life. Boat, land, float, kayak, etc. Kayak fishing is the best way! Your quiet enough to sneak up on the fish to get a good cast on them. You can get into a lot of places a boat and even walking cant. There are many kinds of kayaks. But for fishing I fell in love with the pedal version. I sent a link as an example of one. They are light enough to drag or carry and small enough to throw on your car if you wanna hit up a new honey hole. Hope I helped.

    If you got any more questions send me an email.

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