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I am thinking of purchasing a kayak. Please help?

I have never kayaked before, but I thought it would be a great way to cross mild bodies of water to more remote spots for camping, fishing, and hiking. I want to know what would be the best type of kayak to buy; one I could pack stuff in with me, how inflatable compares with other types.. etc.. etc.. Again, as a beginner, I wouldn’t be doing any extreme kayaking, not yet anyway. I would use it to allow me mobility on water from one place to another with outdoor gear. Thanks for reading!

i am taking a 1 day trip to aransas pass can someone help me?

hey listen i am gonna try my luck at reds and trout.
i need a few pointers.i am basically a rookie at this saltwater stuff and i was wondering what the fish might be hitting on as far as artificial bait in the bays.i will be wade fishing,possibly fishing from a kayak.
dont really know what to ask but any bit of info will be helpful………thanx

Where is a good place to live in the US with low crime, kid friendly, and lots of outdoor activities?

We live in Oklahoma City now and just had a baby. I absolutely do not want to raise my daughter here there’s too much crime and nothing interesting to do. I don’t even feel safe taking her for walks here because of the crime. My husband and I are thinking of relocating, but we are not sure where would be perfect for us. We like to do stuff outdoors (fishing, biking, kayaking, etc). And our family lives in the midwest so it would be nice to be somewhat close, but not a necessity.