Kayak Fishing: A Better Way To Fish

Want to take your fishing to the next level with added ease and mobility, without spending much money? Want to catch more fish and enjoy the experience? Then kayak fishing is for you! Versatile kayak fishing boats can be purchased inexpensively and have low maintenance costs. These boats can be stored in small spaces, transported easily, and launched quickly – while retaining many of the bells and whistles you expect from a sport fishing boat.

One of the best kayak fishing boats for your money is the NuCanoe. It combines the best of kayak fishing and canoe fishing into one versatile, stable and easy to use watercraft – with no training or experience required. You can even stand up in it!

Enjoy the speed and maneuverability of a kayak, with the gear storage and passenger capacity of a canoe. You can safely stand in this stable boat to cast or reel in your catch.  Your NuCanoe can be outfitted with all the best fishing gear: tackle box, live well, rod holders, anchor system, fish finders, and more. You can add a trolling motor, or choose to silently paddle or row through the water.

Is comfort a requirement? Again, the NuCanoe delivers. Unlike many fishing kayaks, you can outfit the NuCanoe with good supportive seating for up to three people, enabling you to stretch your legs and change your position as needed. You can even choose swivel-mounted seats for additional comfort and maneuverability. An optional bow water shield gives added protection to you and your gear in choppy waters.

The NuCanoe also excels at ensuring your safety. The boat is wide, stable and hard to tip. Rest assured that if you do capsize the boat, it will not sink. A sealed hull design provides high internal flotation and allows the NuCanoe to float even if capsized or full of water. Launch your NuCanoe without worry on lakes, rivers, salt water or fresh water – wherever your passion for fishing takes you.

The NuCanoe comes in two sizes, 10′ and 12′. It can be configured for 1, 2 or 3 passengers so you can enjoy solo kayak fishing or share your joy of fishing with your family. You can sit comfortably supported, stretch your legs, and stand confidently in this stable boat. No other fishing kayak, canoe, or small watercraft gives you this much flexibility, stability, comfort, safety and ease of use. In a word… FISHABILITY!

The NuCanoe is a hybrid kayak ideal for fishing that gives you great versatility, stability, comfort, safety and ease of use.

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