kayak fishing in san diego…….?

i am moving to san diego in 3 month and i want to buy a kayak for fishing down there and i was wondering which one would fit me better?

1. Cobra fish n dive
2 ocean kayak Prowler Trident 13 Angler
3. ocean kayak prowler trident 15 angler
4. ocean kayak big game angler

By the way im 5’9, 160 pounds, and i want to fish the reefs and the bay, and then when i get better go for some thresher sharks , and bigger fish like that

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  1. Taylor M Post author

    http://www.oexcalifornia.com/Kayak-Fishing.html check these guys out and there are also cattle boats (big sportfishing boats) that do a mothership kinda of trip where you bring your kayak aboard and go down to baja or out to the islands and then just kayak from the boat and then come back on for a hot meal and a warm bed. check out H and M sportfishing for more on that.

  2. Bass Fishin' B I T C H Post author

    My dad and older brother each have a Cobra Fish ‘N’ Dive and when they used to use them, they armed them to the teeth! I’ve use my dad’s before and stuffed plenty of gear into it. Four rods, a depth finder, sonar and GPS unit, Aqua-View underwater camera, tackle bags, etc, etc.

    After its all loaded up, it still holds my phatass! I’m 5’6 and about 205lbs.

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