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Whats a reccomended kayak?

im looking for a kayak to mostly fish out of in freshwater and ocean. occasionally dive out of but mostly fish. im looking into the ocean kayak trident 11 or 13 and the heritage redfish angler 12. anyone have a good opinion on any one of these or another good one to check into. i want something big enough to haul all day fishing gear, maybe some dive gear, or hunting gear during season. but not too big where i cant handle hauling it by myself…..any input will help, thanks

kayak fishing in san diego…….?

i am moving to san diego in 3 month and i want to buy a kayak for fishing down there and i was wondering which one would fit me better?

1. Cobra fish n dive
2 ocean kayak Prowler Trident 13 Angler
3. ocean kayak prowler trident 15 angler
4. ocean kayak big game angler

By the way im 5’9, 160 pounds, and i want to fish the reefs and the bay, and then when i get better go for some thresher sharks , and bigger fish like that

how do you protecting yourself from bull sharks while wading? Also question about kayak fishing safety.?

Before anyone suggests packing a firearm ; That is not an option. But if you were wading with , say a fishing trident or something similar , could you defend yourself? Also , how far from the surf can I get with a sturdy fishing Kayak w/o fear of a shark tipping me over? this would be in calm bay waters.