Kayak fishing question?

I live in Louisiana and am getting a kayak. I will be fishing in the marsh for redfish and trout. What are some things that I need on my kayak to have a more succesfull fishing trip?

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  1. RuNDmC Post author

    well my dad has a holster behind where he sits…idk if you have that on yours but you just put your pole in there when u need and just let it troll while you are kayaking waiting for a hit….just bring the rest of your supplies need for fishing as you regularly would as well

  2. Grand Master BasserĀ® Post author

    What kind of kayak are you getting?

    My dad has a thirteen-foot Cobra Fish ‘N Dive that I sometimes go paddling around in. It has plenty of room for all the gear, four rods, underwater camera, and fish finder and battery.

  3. The Wormist Post author

    a leash for your paddle.
    you sure don’t want it drifting away while fighting a fish!

  4. Robert H Post author

    check kayakfishing.com and look at the pictures of rigged kayaks for some really good examples of what you can do. Pretty much people add rod holders, anchor cleat & anchor, sticker ruler to measure fish (for legal size fish, if that matters for what you are fishing for). I installed a fishfinder as well. there are lots of things you can do, just depends how addicted you get.

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