surf fishing trip to outer banks?

So me and some friends are thinking of taking a surf fishing trip to the outer banks area. It would be all guys and we would camp. Probably at the Oregon inlet campground or Ocracoke Island campground. We plan on around three days of fishing mainly from the beach but maybe fishing around some docks and mb from kayaks (i dont know how easily kayaks will be able to rent to take out into the ocean to fish on will be). Does anyone have any tips suggestions etc.? We plan on taking this sometime in July or August so hows the fishing?

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  1. OnlyName Left Post author

    I normally don’t answer questions like this but I noticed no one answered so I decided to help!
    Ok, I recommend you stop by a live bait shop and get some shrimp, then go fishing at the jetty (the strip of land that goes into the ocean) and catch small fish. Then what you will do is use the small fish you catch with the shrimp as bait. It is really fun because you don’t no what you will catch, for example I caught a saltwater catfish and a shark once when I went fishing in Texas. So it is really a combination of fish that lead to the bigger fish!

    If you don’t find a shop were they sell live shrimp, you should try using a casting net for minnows or small perch. But be careful not to get your net tangled in the rocks!

    I hope I helped!

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