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Review of the Jackson Coosa River Fishing Kayak

Review of the Jackson Coosa River Fishing Kayak

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Home Page > Sports and Fitness > Fishing > Review of the Jackson Coosa River Fishing Kayak

Review of the Jackson Coosa River Fishing Kayak

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Posted: Apr 17, 2011 |

Over the past several years, there’s been a giant rise in the usage of kayaks by anglers. Kayaks present a range of added benefits over both regular fishing watercraft and fishing from the banks. They are silent, they allow a chance to access the most challenging fishing spots, these are generally easy to transport, plus they provide you with the ultimate in ease of use.

The issue is that the majority of kayaks aren’t suitable for fishing. Some tend not to offer adequate storage for gear, other kayaks make it tough to rig rod holders and cases, and many ordinarily are not stable enough to stand from whenever you’re casting a line or pulling in the big catch.

The Jackson Coosa River Fishing Kayak tackles each of these considerations and much more. It is considered the foremost kayak produced especially for river angling and comes prepared to go having just about every function a fisherman could possibly dream of in a fishing kayak.

The primary innovation of the Coosa River Fishing Kayak is its ultra-stable construction. It includes an overall width of 31.5 inches in combination with a standing platform of 23 inches. Because of this, standing while fishing is tremendously straightforward for even the most uncoordinated of individuals.

Yet another outstanding element of the Jackson Coosa River Fishing Kayak is its versatile and removable hi/lo kayak seat. Any time the chair is in the down position, the kayak provides improved stability for utilization in challenging water. With the seat in the higher position, it is quick to stand up and offers superior comfort for a long day of fishing.

Engineered precisely with the angler in mind, it arrives with an extensive range of integrated features to make it among the list of the most complete angling kayaks on the market today. Two built-in rod slots can be found directly behind the kayak seat and a variety of rod stagers are built into the front of the kayak.

Another wonderful feature for river anglers is the built-in chain drag device. The chain drag either can function like an anchor or it can be used to slow the boat down when focusing on a fishing spot.

Storage is almost certainly no problem in the Coosa Kayak. A day hatch, a bow hatch, and a stern hatch provide you with all of the storage area that you need for even the longest of fishing trips.

The Coosa may be the very last kayak you ever own. Some kayaks degrade in the keel area as time passes, the Coosa features a removable skid plate that is definitely very useful when it comes to river kayaking. Once the keel wears down, simply remove the bad plate and exchange it with a new one. With many kayaks, after the keel wears down, the kayak must be retired. This isn’t the situation with the Coosa River Kayak.

In conclusion, the Jackson Coosa River Fishing Kayak looks to be an extraordinary angling platform.

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Check out Kayak Reviews for more infomormation on the Jackson Coosa River Kayak

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Check out Kayak Reviews for more infomormation on the Jackson Coosa River Kayak

Sea Eagle 12-Foot 4-Inch FoldCat Inflatable Boat with Pro-Angler Package

  • Lightweight pontoon boat designed for two adults (up to 650 pounds max)
  • Unique folding frame design assembles in five minutes and fits in full-size car trunk
  • Pair of 360-degree swivel seats; super-buoyant 16-inch pontoons for stability
  • Sturdy 1,000-denier reinforced hull; four top-quality rod holders; oar/paddle set
  • Measures 148 x 54 inches (W x L) and weighs 75 pounds; three-year warranty

Product Description
Pontoon boats are a great way to get to places where fish are hiding, but who’s got 35- to 40 minutes to put a boat together like required for most tubular frame pontoon boats. The FoldCat375fc has a unique folding support system that can be inflated and assembled in 5 minutes by one person. The FoldCat 375fc will take upto a 3hp gas engine, but motors very well with a small electric motor. Two swivel seats allow you to turn the follow the fish wherever they swim. Unlike other pontoon boats with thin bladders inside of a heavy and porous outer bags, the Foldcat375fc features 1000 denier reinforces inflatable hull – just like the Sea Eagle Sport Boats that handle upto 40H.P. This boat weighs only 75-lbs, but has a whopping 2 person/650-lb capacity.Amazon.com Product Description
Looking to catch more fish with less hassle? Check out the patent-pending Sea Eagle FoldCat pontoon boat, which takes you to more fishing spots than you ever thought possible. Unlike most pontoon boats, which have huge metal frames with tons of parts, the FoldCat sports a unique folding frame design that assembles in a mere five minutes, along with a full floor with a ton of useable space. Even better, the floor functions as a “safety net” that catches any gear you may drop, letting you carry more fishing tackle and supplies than on traditional pontoon boats. And thanks to the pair of 360-degree swivel seats–which offer plenty of back support and generous cushions–you’ll sit in the lap of luxury on every fishing excursion.

The FoldCat is extremely light with little drag, and functions extremely well with either an electric outboard or gas motor. When paired with a 3 horsepower gas engine, the FoldCat rips along at 8 knots, fast enough to make headway against tides or headwinds. The super-buoyant 16-inch pontoons, meanwhile, are spaced widely apart and connected by a 4-foot 6-inch beam, giving the boat incredible stability as compared to a hard hull boat. Other details include a sturdy 1,000-denier reinforced hull, four top-quality rod holders that mount into pre-drilled holes on the two benches, an oar/paddle combo set, a step bench, two quick-release seat mounts, two nylon carrying bags for the parts (the disassembled boat fits into a full-size car trunk), and a foot pump.

The FoldCat, which holds two adults (up to 650 pounds), measures 148 by 54 inches (W x L) and weighs 75 pounds. It’s also backed by a three-year warranty.


  • Exterior: 12′ 4″ x 4′ 6″
  • Deflated: 56″ x 21″ x 10″
  • Tube Diameter: 16″
  • Capacity: Two adults or 650 pounds
  • Weight: 75 pounds (hull only)
  • Chambers: Two independent air chambers
  • Material: 1000 Denier Reinforced
  • Seam: Quadruple Overlap Seams
  • Floor: Aluminum slat roll up over full fabric floor
  • Air Valves: Halkey Roberts one way
  • Engine Capacity: 3 hp (45 pounds maximum weight)
  • Speed Estimates: 8-10 mph with gas, 4-6 mph with electric
  • Inflation and Assembly time: 5 minutes

Sea Eagle 12-Foot 4-Inch FoldCat Inflatable Boat with Pro-Angler Package