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How can I mount a Lowrance X-65 onto my Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160 kayak?

I have just recently gotten a Lowrance X-65 fish finder from a friend. I would like to mount it and use it on my kayak. I need a transducer as well as a power cable. How should I approach this problem? Do I have to drill a hole through my kayak for a transducer?

Kayak recommendations…?

I am close to choosing a kayak and wanted to run my thoughts/choices by those that know for their comments. I am 185 lbs, male, 6′ 2″ and am seriously considering the Wilderness systems Tarpon 140 angler unit. A friend of mine has this model and I like the sit on top feature as well as the comfort features. I will be using this kayak to explore and mostly fish the shallow inside waters of Mustang Island, Port Aransas, TX and near Corpus Christie. If any of you are anglers and have a better/different choice, I’d sure like to look them over.

Also, what are your recommendations for a car top carrier? I already have a cartop unit on my truck cap and am thinking of the Malone Stax Pro2 Kayak Carrier. I plan to purchase two Tarpon 140 kayaks – one for me, one for my wife.


Since I am brand new to kayak fishing, any information will be very much appreciated regarding what I definitely need to get. Specific recommendations regarding paddle types preferred, etc is what I’m looking for. I have several kayak fishing books so I am familiar with at least some of the items I’ll be needing. Experience however is the best teacher as to what works best and what doesn’t.