Where should my family go on vacation this summer?

I really want to show my family how fun it is to be together so should we rent and R.V. and go camping and go white water rafting,fishing and kayaking, or should we go back to Destin like every year?

3 thoughts on “Where should my family go on vacation this summer?

  1. Scamp Post author

    While RV’s are nice, I would not get one simply because an RV is like taking your house with you instead of taking a vacation from everything. Tents are nice and give you a chance to get away from it all.

    I’ve been on a couple white water rafting trips and I highly recommend them. If you can find one, go on an overnight rafting trip. I happended to go on one, we packed the basics (extra clothes, sun block, bug reppelent, etc) and went rafting all day with several stops along the river. On those stops there were nice little trails, swimming spots, areas that we ate lunch or snacks and got to explore the beautiful areas. After a morning and after noon of rafting, hiking, swimming, exploring, resting, we rafted to some cabins along the river where dinner and cabins had been prepared. Great areas to explore and relax. Second day was packing up (the overnight bag) and rafting the rest of the way to the pick-up point.

    Get with a good white water rafting trip and have a blast. I am definatly looking forward to one again. (If there around, try and find a river with some level 3, possibly 4 rapids, but most of it being level 2 and 3).

    Fishing may be something to do if everyone has patience and enjoys it. Kayaking is also fun but if your new, go with the sit on top kayaks since its difficult to learn how to flip yourself back over in a normal kayak (for me it was, even in a calm pool).

    I highly recommend a good white water rafting trip, especially an overnight trip since they are a mix of camping, natural water park, scenic trip/hike, outdoor games, and more.

    Definatly bring several water proof cameras if you decide to white water raft.

  2. Danielle B Post author

    If you want a great fun cool vacation with your family and you want to be together; go to your local porta potty and if you have a big family go to a trash can like the one in your neighboors yard and take a whiff around. ( nothing like the smell of the great out doors ) ( Belive me it works )

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