choosing a kayak ;?

which kayak would be better

malibu stealth 14

wilderness tarpon 160 Angler
i will trolling, fly fishing, and casting in the chesapeake bay, back bays on the alantic ocean and freshwater fishing
also what are the pros/cons of each yak

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  1. winterrules Post author

    I have a Wilderness Pungo 140 for fishing and am quite happy with it. I considered a Tarpon but decided against a sit on top model. With a sit in kayak I can use a spray skirt to stay dry during cold weather. A sit on top kayak is mostly for warm water. My kayak is set up with 2 rod holders for trolling, a paddle leash and an electronic fish finder.
    Of the boats you’re considering I like the tarpon. Longer kayaks are easier to paddle and track better than short ones.

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