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choosing a kayak ;?

which kayak would be better

malibu stealth 14

wilderness tarpon 160 Angler
i will trolling, fly fishing, and casting in the chesapeake bay, back bays on the alantic ocean and freshwater fishing
also what are the pros/cons of each yak

Fishing Gear Setup Florida Red/Sheaphead from Kayak?

So I am getting back into fishing after about 15 years. I have a kayak I will be fishing from, Malibu Stealth 14 and I’m 6 foot tall. I live on the Gulf Coast of Florida and plan on fishing the flats. Redfish and sheapshead will be my main goal. Maybe some flounder if possible, and some snook here and there.

What I am looking for is some setup advice. I hear Ugly stick is one of the better rods out there now. But would love to hear peoples opinions. I have around $125 to spend on a pole and reel. I know it is not a lot, as some setups I hear people spending $300+ on the rod/reel alone. It would be nice if I could get two combos for the $125.

Besides shrimp and other live bait, what are some good artificial lures to use?

What is the the recommendation for fishing line?

Help selecting fishing kayak and ergonomic paddle for 5’5″ female?

I have carpel tunnel in hands and low back issues, am 5′ 5″ 140 lb. female looking to buy a fishing kayak. Stability and comfortable seat are important. 1) Trying to decide on a malibu stealth or wilderness system tarpon 12 or 14′ kayak. 2) Also need to know how long and type of paddle. I would like the paddle to break down and be able to feather or not.
Thank you for your assistance.