Kayak bass fishing. What boat do I need?

I,m thinking about buying a used kayak for bass fishing on the river.I,ve recently started doing this and I have to say ,it,s addicting.I have a 16′ canoe that I,m using now and I will paddle it about 2 to 3 miles upstream and fish my way back.My success has been terrific catching a minimum of twenty bass both spotted and largemouth.I don,t mind the paddling because it is great exercise but it really cuts into my fishing time and I can only go so far to make it back in time.Is a kayak going to be much faster?I,m looking a a 15′ ocean kayak but I,m not sure if this is what I really need.I,m concerned with the size.Is it to big or should I look into something smaller.I need enough room to keep some fish alive in a cooler and have storage for tackle and extra clothes drink cooler etc.I would like to throw it in the back of my truck and carry it that way without buying a trailer.Any advice would be appreciated.

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  1. JP Post author

    I’ve used a Native Watercraft kayak http://www.nativewatercraft.com/ for four years and love it. I have a 12′ solo and my husband got a 14.5′ a year later (solo or tandem). The hybrid bottom adds to the stability in light rapids and is only limiting in the shallowest of rocky waters compared to the canoe. The maneuverability is better and cuts down on fatigue. I don’t know if it will reduce your paddling time significantly but you will get into any tight fishing hole and ride in comfort with back support and stretched legs. Also, my 12′ easily holds a milk crate filled with supplies, a waterproof seat back pouch with a rain suit, camera, first aid, etc, and in the front is the ice chest. I catch and release so no live well but you can add that as well. Good luck!

  2. Rob Post author

    I do that also…I only have a 12ft rec kayak… but I already know I cant take much with me… good luck picking out a new kayak…. they make ones with rod holders and foot controls so you have free hands during your trip, check some of those out… many different brands to name

  3. Fisher_King Post author

    It’s tough to find a ‘Yak that can do it all.

    You want to carry a tackle box, a cooler/live well, wet weather gear/clothes, and a drink cooler??

    You will need the largest Kayak you can afford to fit all that in a Yak!

    Can I make a suggestion?

    Before you spend $400-$700 on a new/used ‘yak think about purchasing a trolling motor and a battery for your current canoe.

    I once had a 16Ft canoe with a trolling motor and it was a fish catching machine!

    I secured the battery and a battery box to the center bar, (carrying yoke), and wired the battery to the back where I had one of these- http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10151_-1_10001_67133____SearchResults – to attach the trolling motor. A Minn Kota 32 LB thrust motor will scoot a canoe along (with a full battery) for 2-3 miles easily.

    However, I still did a ton of paddling. I used the trolling motor on the way back to the ramp……that way my back and arms weren’t worn out to load up the canoe.

    Eventually, I added two swivel seats to the canoe, a portable fish finder, a mini-livewell right in front of the battery AND purchased a mini trailer for easy loading.

    My canoe ended up being the “Cadillac” of canoes and the envy of many a fisherman! (lol)

    I suggest you do the same with your canoe.

    With the amount of money you will spend to purchase a Yak that will carry all that you’ve requested, you could get a small used trailer, swivel seats, a battery and a trolling motor for your canoe……..Heck, maybe even a small portable fish finder…..

    In my opinion, that is really your “best bet” for all that you’ve requested.

    By the way-

    Yes, a Kayak will be faster, but it won’t carry as much as a canoe, (unless you get a new Sport/Fishing model and those are very expensive).

    I currently have a Yak and a canoe, and although my Yak is lighter and faster it’s not as convenient as my canoe when it comes to “comfort and fish-ability”.

    Hope this helps ya? Good luck on your next fishing adventure.

  4. Willi G Post author

    Using an ultra -fast Sea Kayak like the 18ft Epic Endurance on relatively flat water inland lake I can do 15 miles in 3 hours occasionally sprinting up to 6 mph.

    Now you want to haul gear,cooler for fish, cooler for drinks, etc., etc. you won’t make more than 3 mph in a shorter kayak, especially if there are some waves and wind.

    Share info with others.

  5. The Wormist Post author

    there are many good yaks that lend themselves well to fishing for most species.

    BUT… a good “sit-on-top” is a must.
    you will sit higher for better visibility, better casting and just better in general. there are a couple kayak fishing sites to look up… they all use SOT models.

    they are regularly used off the coast of socal fishing for thresher and mako sharks.
    l’ll leave intentional shark fishing to others and continue using mine for bass.
    l have a ” ‘cobra’ fish n dive” that is extremely stable and will carry 600lb or more.
    has rod holders, depth finder and soon, a bow mount trolling motor.

    ocean kayak IS a good brand. specify one for fishing.
    13 to 15 feet should be quite sufficient. look more at the capacity. you will want a minimum of a 600lb capacity to ride higher in the water and paddle easier.
    (rather than being sunk to the scuppers and having too much drag.)

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