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Better Kayak? Ascend FS12T or FS10?

im trying to figure out whether i should get the ascend fs12t sit on top angler kayak or the ascend fs10 sit in angler kayak.i mainly do canal,lake,pond,creek freshwater fishing but in the summer i switch over to backwater saltwater fishing.i want something that is going to be sturdy for me to put a bunch of things in (cooler etc…) but i also want it to be somewhat quick(not going for fast just average).i am 18 years old 6’2″ and weight about 175.what is the better choice?

do i need a freshwater fishing license in florida?

i want to go out to a lake and go fishing in my kayak. i live in florida and its obviously freshwater. if im going to catch and release do i need a fishing license? i know i need one if i keep the fish but i just want to catch and release. do i need a fishing license or not?

Kayak Fishing: The Ultimate Guide

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Kayak Fishing: The Ultimate Guide