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New Hit Kayak Braves Through Open Water With Fishing Gear!

One of the best Kayak designers in the world has done it again. Jackson Kayak, the company named after it’s founder Eric Jackson, recently unleashed a new kayaking phenomenon onto the market. Last year it was Jackson Kayak’s “Coosa” model, getting rave reviews but this year a new hybrid kayak design, which is more fishing friendly, is sweeping the market. This December, Jackson Kayak released the new and improved “Cuda” kayak onto the market. Last year the kayak enthusiast, unleashed his patented Coosa model, as an aggressive river kayak for true sportsman. Today Jackson has developed a more open water friendly kayak for sportsman who fish and troll, centered around providing seating support and a rear hatch which can insert a fishing cooler!

Kayaking enthusiasts have long been divided on open water kayaks and aggressive river kayaking. For Jackson Kayak, the opportunity to corner the fishing market was to ripe to let go. The Coosa model which became famous last year, was well known for it’s paddle stager and holders as well as it’s remove-able skid plates, which made it ideal for river kayaking. The Cuda also is awesome because it has a large bow and stern hatches and a new and improved beverage holder. Still two centering features that make the Cuda top notch, is the high/low seat and the STAND UP PADDLING ABILITY FOR FISHERMEN!

The Cuda is similar in design to last years Coosa, a kayak for true professionals.  Still what we really like about it is the center hatch, dry storage, 26 inches of space and even fishing rod tips! Clearly this thing was designed for kayak fishing enthusiasts, people that felt Jackson Kayak had let them down a little last year by tailoring the Coosa, to strictly aggressive kayaking.

Personally, I believe the best way to use a kayak is fishing undiscovered waters. Kayaks give me the freedom I desire, the passion of braving terrain and the thrill of natures majesty. Releasing this pro-style kayak for my fishing needs, has been long overdue in the Kayak community. Pro angler Drew Gregory is really excited about Jackson Kayak’s new release. When Drew, a professional kayak fishermen, saw the new Cuda Kayak he had this to say,

“It’s rare to find a boat that has this speed, stability, comfort and options to fit so many styles of fishing…. There are built-in options available on the Cuda for all, whether anglers fish inshore, offshore, lakes or flat water rivers, with fly rods or stout big game tackle.”

That is just one professional fisher who has seen what the Cuda can do. A kayak is an item which a fishing enthusiast will spend a lot of time with, you share a bond with your kayak, so picking the right one this holiday season is important. Enjoying fishing, or catching monster fish as I like to call it, is a past time for those young and old alike. It is an experience a story, a that one time over the dinner table which makes kayak fishing so special and such a remarkable sport. True enthusiasts will recognize superior capability in the designs of strong kayaks, as well as fast kayaks, isolation and spacing. I encourage the sport of kayak fishing to all my friends, tell your peers about the fun of kayak fishing exploration, so get out their what are you waiting for enjoy kayaking and hit the water churning!

Kayak Fishing: An Economical And Fun Loving Sport

Kayak Fishing: An Economical And Fun Loving Sport
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Kayak Fishing: An Economical And Fun Loving Sport

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|Kayak fishing is not only relaxing, it is rewarding as well. It is a popular sport, a fun and inexpensive way of getting out on the open water. Except for rough waters, it hardly has any limitations. Fishing kayaks have an ability of being launched from almost anywhere water is available, making them an excellent choice for fishing. Ease of transport and low-cost allows kayaks to be operated by more people.

Few Reasons That Make Kayak Fishing So Appealing

* The reasons that make kayak fishing so popular are quite hard to ignore. Kayaks usually weigh as less as 30 pounds. This means, you can tug them on your car roof and drive to the lake later from where they can be launched and be taken to any type of shoreline.

* Kayaks also do not have much deepness or draft. Because of this, they can be used to access even very shallow water. Furthermore, kayaks are quite swift and maneuverable, which is why taking them to tight areas is quite easy.

* Another great advantage of using fishing kayaks is that they do not induce waves or wake as there is no motor attached. Kayaks also do not produce any harmful emissions because of which it is the first choice for eco-conscious people.

* The best part about kayak fishing is that it can be enjoyed even by a casual angler and only basic skills are required for it. Many anglers enjoy the liberty and exercise that kayak fishing offers.

Types of Kayaks

Two models of Kayaks are available – Sit-in model and Sit-on-top model. Sit-in model is more of a traditional style. In this model, your lower body sits in the kayak. However, Sit-on-top models are a modern version of traditional kayaks. In this model, you sit on the top of the double-hulled kayak. Although, Sit-in kayaks appear to be more stable than hulled kayaks, but in actuality sit-on kayaks are much wider and are as stable as the sit-in model. Sit-on kayaks have an upper hand over the sit-in models since they are more adaptable for fishing because of their flat-top design and extra space to attach accessories.

Choosing Kayak Sizes

The size of kayak you choose should depend on the type of water you’re going to use it on. Ocean kayaks are longer than the kayaks used on the river and inland lake water. The difference is basically due to difference in the height of waves. Kayaks are generally single-person models, but some fishing kayaks can also hold up to three passengers.

Kayak Fishing Gear

Kayak fishing gear should contain a mixture of essentials including paddle necessities, safety items, and fishing and tackle gear. Although a wide variety of gears are available to outfit kayaks, the most common items included are tackle box holders, rod holders, and live bait wells. You must also spend some extra money on lightweight paddles and a comfortable seat. You will obviously be able to do more fishing if you are comfortable. Another important item that you should not miss is a paddle tether.

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Fishing Kayak Buying Tips

Buying a new fishing kayak can sometimes be a tough task, with the sheer amount of options available for you to choose from, it is no question how beginner kayak anglers, and even seasoned veterans can have issues choosing the right boat.  A lot of anglers will wonder if the kayak they purchased for fishing is really right for them, or if they would have been better suited by choosing a shorter, or longer kayak, or changing the width of the boat, or even the colors, sometimes.  These are all legitimate concerns, but in order to buy the right fishing kayak, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind.
First, you are going to want to consider the size of boat you require.  This is a crucial decision.  Take your body size into consideration, as well as the types of water you are going to be fishing in, and the amount of gear you are going to have to bring along.  Fishing trip length plays a huge role in figuring out the exact gear required, but must be taken into consideration before you sink down your hard earned money on a boat that may not be big enough to hold the gear that you are going to need.
Skinny waters require a different type of kayak, than fishing on open water, such as large lakes, or oceans, where boat wakes and waves are going to cause instability.  Storing the kayak is also a consideration to make while you are thinking about the size of the boat.  Not only are you going to want to have adequate leg room, and storage space, but you are going to have to make sure that you have a place that you can properly store the boat.  Most people use garages, and hallways, if the fishing kayak is stored indoors, whereas others will build PVC racks to store their boats outside.