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how should I hook up my kayak anchor?

I got a kayak anchor for christmas, and I would like to know how do I hook it up? I don’t want to do the trolley style. I just want a cleat on the side of the boat around the back of the seat. My question is where do I put the anchor when I’m paddling so it doesn’t keep sliding all over in the boat? It’s the 3lb folding anchor. Is there like a clip or something I could put on to store it out of the way? Also what type of rope should I use, the deepst I’ll be fishing is probably 15 ft.

yakntexas- ANCHOR SYSTEMS- part 2 of DETACHABLE ANCHOR TROLLEY- kayak fishing

www.30milesout.com (ty’s fish’n show- check it out!) today on yakntexas, ty southerland covers how he makes his anchor systems for his detachable anchor trolley… one anchor for big water offshore kayak fishing and one for inshore and small bodies of water.. ie- lakes and rivers etc… KAYAK FISHING VIDEO TALK SHOW…

Kayak Fishing – How to use an anchor trolley

Learn from our expert, Stan Laughlin with Captain Dick Enterprises at www.captdick.net, how to install and use an anchor trolley for kayak fishing